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That weird order

That weird order you placed and paid for hamburger, French fries must have thrown the kitchen for a loop, because the next thing you know, you’re being told to “pull up.” And you wait some more. This does not happen at Back Yard. The half dozen BLTs (cheap!) that you’re having for dinner tonight and for breakfast the next day are yours brought to you by the man or woman in the window who actually acts like he or she is kind of glad you came.

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Will It Work?Around the ValleyContent for a CauseSinclair CaresEvery Pet Deserves a HomePartner SpotlightOLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) Over the years, the Washington state Department of Licensing has issued hundreds of fictitious licenses to help cloak undercover police officers.The program was so secret that not even the Legislature knew about it, the Kitsap Sun reported Tuesday. It only came to light when the Bremerton newspaper submitted a public records request last year for a story.Now, the Department of Licensing has gone to lawmakers to finally get approval for the program and to tighten disclosure laws, spokesman Brad Benfield said.Two Republicans, Rep.

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It’s time for the PSC to stop making Montanans spend and spend again on an expensive, unreliable coal unit. Instead, regulators should push NorthWestern Energy to replace this power with cleaner, more efficient, dependable and affordable energy for Montana consumers. Today, that means renewable energy and energy efficiency that both save customers money over the long run and create good paying jobs here in our state.

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