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When it was suggested that Fusco’s

When it was suggested that Fusco’s own numbers were comparable, he said Nasco’s estimates were based only on storm proofing, and a different scoping process altogether since their team was the only one that had thoroughly examined the building. That estimated also left out 20,000 or so square feet in additions, said Fusco. “If we sat down with them, went line by line over the scope of the project, the prices would come out within a few percent,” he said..

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The SEC said Saridakis agreed to pay $664,822 and accept an officer and director ban to settle its charges. The cooperating defendant and five other people agreed to pay more than $490,000 to settle related SEC charges. Department of Justice has long used deferred prosecution and non prosecution agreements to encourage and reward cooperation in criminal investigations, and the SEC in January 2010 said it would also use them in its civil probes..

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Scott was sworn in outside Florida Old Capitol two months after beating Republican turned Democrat former Gov. Charlie Crist with less than half the votes cast. He took credit for Florida recovery from the Great Recession and said he would continue to make the state a place that attracts businesses and new residents.

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