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Sun City will celebrate

Sun City will celebrate its 55th anniversary next year as the country’s very first 55+ community. After all this time the community is still known world wide as one of the premiere destinations for affordable active adult living. With homes starting under $100,000 and a massive collection of amenities, life at Sun City is unlike any other.

Apers will compete against 64 others in a preliminary pageant May 17. The top 20 contestants will move on to the main pageant May 19, where Miss Universe Canada will be crowned. Both events take place in Toronto. “It’s chipping away at our constitutional rights,” said Hanson. “If they can fight and die at 18, they should be able to have a firearm at 18.” It’s part of the gun safety labeled bills in Olympia that Hanson and Bates take aim at. In a statement released by All American Armory, Hanson further states that they are “in FULL support of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution,” adding “We oppose all/any further firearms restrictions/bans, whether based on age, capacities, functionality of firearms, or their attachments/accessories.”.

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